Why Action Construction?

Action Builders and Construction Projects have earned acknowledgement for undertaking great, complex ventures, adopting modernization and implementing new and affordable ways of serving clients. This is all done in order to make a difference for our clients, employees and the community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to strive and continue being one of the best construction companies and service providers in South Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an excellent service to our clients, by giving them their principal position in the business and by treating them with integrity and honesty they deserve.

- To deliver quality service on time and at the convenience of our clients.

- To always use quality materials to give our customers value for their money.

- To train young professionals who wish to operate in the same industry.


One of our focuses as a company is to empower the previously disadvantaged individuals by giving them an opportunity to acquire experience and develop their skills through our business so they can ultimately reach their fullest potential.

We do believe in equal opportunities; hence, we give opportunities to both male and female so as to not only build them but share different skills and expertise to further growth in the business. 

We also offer a variety of job opportunities to both qualified and non-qualified candidates to join our team in making a difference in our community.

Currently, we offer university and college students an opportunity to do their practical training in our business where we nurture young talent and employ the raw post matriculates that are still looking for their passion or doing attachments.

Managing Director Thabo Mpofu

Mpofu was a manager of various projects such as 40 Peter Uys Ave Alberton North, a Triple storey with 24 units and 30 parking bays, Kibler Park double story house of 880m2 and a Triple storey Hotel in Beira Mozambique of 1750m2. He has managed projects, conceptualized ideas, planning, budgeting, fundraising, and implementing projects until they were successful.

He acquired entrepreneurial skills among such as teamwork, communication, negotiation, business, and persistence.

- Values Time: We believe there is no time than now and whatever chance one receives now they better grab it and give all they can as this may be the only chance to make a change.

- Life: Life is what one makes of it; when one chooses to live, one strives to live.

- Honesty: Being honest about who I am, where I am, and where I want to be drives me. I accept the way things are but I do not let them stay the way they are.


The Team

Samuel Kaunda - Draftsman and Electrical Engineer

Artharnelisious Ndebele - Manager

Marvelous Phiri - Site Forman

David Khumalo - Transport Affairs

Nonhlanhla Siwela- Administrator

Vela Mpofu - Safety and Health